Keywording assistant

Ideas for a “keywording assistant” type application: Use keywords of other images not just as completions, but as suggestions.

Screen should contain either several lines of keywords from various input strategies (see below) or one big cloud with combined keywords, emphasizing the ones that are repeated from several strategies.

The user can click to pick, after which that keyword disappears and new ones arrive. Issue: How to avoid that the user clicks just as keywords change? Maybe fade in/fade out, maybe have slow movement from the edge, maybe keywords close to the mouse don’t change. It’s important that there is no interruption, the user should be able to click on several keywords quickly.

To lessen mouse straing, maybe have the top N keywords have letters or numbers assigned.

There are many possible strategies for selecting relevant keywords. Essentially, they find other pictures and add their keywords. It may be useful to have a way to push keywords out that don’t apply, to avoid cluttering.


– number of shared keywords
– MPEG-7 image similarity
– image name similarity (e.g. numbering ranges close to the image in question) Only relevant for user’s own pictures
– image time similarity
– image geo-tag similarity
– thesaurus similarity (this doesn’t pick pictures, but individual keywords)


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