Photoshoot: Århus Å

Took the 70-300 with me when going for bread. The little park has a couple ducks and *many* gulls. When shooting birds and other rapidly moving objects, set manual exposure for the bird — especially white things will easily overexpose, and getting that extra speed will help.

Went down to Eskelund to recycle cardboard. Since this was the first sunny day in quite a while, I was hoping to get some good time in, but I napped until about 3:50, and by then I could mostly just watch the last rays of the sun disappear. Official sundown is 16:36, but I was out at the path at 16:10 and the sun had by then dipped below the usual western clouds. The path out to the lake is actually rather long, and the flooding has made it difficult to get out to clear water.

Photos turned out to have little interest, except perhaps the three sculpture pics. Need to consider what to look for on snow-less, plant-less days. 70 mm is fairly long (112mm equivalent), and 300mm (480 equivalent) is positively paparazzian.

I tried the printable lenshoods for the 60mm. Disappointed to find out that they don’t attempt to screw into the normal slots, but are supposed to be put on with tape or rubber bands or something.


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