FooPhoMo is ended!

At the beginning of March, quaryn_dk suggested that I try my new macro lens by taking exactly one picture a day of food. Having done so (outside of travelling and stuff), here are the results – in black & white for reasons of learning about that. Comments and favorites are welcome.

Soup bubbles



Bananas II

Bananas I


Purple potatoes

Roasted pepper


Fried egg

Bread slice


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2 Responses to FooPhoMo is ended!

  1. Whoa. Coolness! Good use of b&w photography. I like the two shots of the banana stems, particularly the second one (though I think it works best after having seen the first, rather than having encountered it on its own), and the fork-in-soft-egg one has an excellent, bold contrast between metallic utensil and fried poultry ovulation. It’s almost like the fork is holding the fried egg on the wall…

    • larsrc says:

      Thank you! It’s my first foray into b&w for real, so I’m glad you like it. It was also quite the learning experience, as I had to get the shot *just* right the first time, meaning I actually had to think first. Gasp!
      I was fascinated by the bananas, but slightly dissatisfied with the focus on the first (white bg) one, so I redid it the day after (with one banana eaten:), only to focus manually and throw the focus even worse off. It will possibly work in up to 20×30 cm, maybe.

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