Images on RedBubble, not on DeviantArt

I have been uploading a number of my older pictures on RedBubble. I am quite happy with how it works, upload is simple and fast, and they provide not only website creation tools, but also embedding of slideshow or semi-shops within your own website.

I am not uploading on DeviantArt, as I am less impressed by the overall quality of the pictures there, and I would have to pay $25 per year to be able to get more than about 10 % of the sales price. Given my sales so far, this would be money out of the window. If RedBubble gives some results, I may revisit other sites. Or just stick with them. I like them.


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One Response to Images on RedBubble, not on DeviantArt

  1. cassiopeja says:

    Why not also upload on DeviantArt? It’s much more well known and you might get more traffic. You don’t have to sell print from DeviantArt but refer to the picture on RedBubble and that you’re selling prints from there.

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