A photo idea

This idea for a photo project just occurred to me on the way to work:

I have long been annoyed at what architects were able to sell to cities as being great, innovative architecture, which then turns out to be ugly or boring or impractical or all of the above. That’s actually one of the few things that have ever tempted me to get into politics, just to be able to be on a committee to choose designs and go “No! That’s ugly! Go away!” when needed. However, it’d be a lot of bother to get elected and do all the other stuff just to have that pleasure on occasion.

Instead, I could dig out the original architect’s impressions and put them up next to a photo — from the same spot, with the same perspective — of how it turned out in reality. Maybe do it as a triptych with the original drawing, a photo converted into drawing style, and a full photo. Since I can’t pass a law to require all architects to live in the buildings they design*, this would be one way to put the spotlight on “architectural marketing”.

* And for children’s books authors to read their books to children every night:)


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