As I was idly browsing through some photography sites, I saw mention of Crestock, a Scandinavian stock photography company. In terms of payout, it’s about the same as iStockPhoto and Alamy, but it sounded like it was a nicer page — which can count for something, as esp. Alamy’s upload system is a major roadblock in getting my pictures up. So I signed up, picked the 10 photos I have sent to iStockPhoto, made sure the keywords, titles and captions in Lightroom were up to what I had at iStockPhoto, and uploaded them directly to Crestock from Lightroom using FTP. Rock!

On the upload page, I could go directly on to processing the uploaded photos. It gave me an overview of all the photos, showing titles, descriptions and keywords for each. I quickly noticed that I’d exported some keywords I shouldn’t have, and that Danish characters (æ, ø, å) were mangled. Fortunately, it was one click to edit each photo, really fast to edit, and back to the overview immediately. Slick. It’s going to be a problem with the Danish chars, but I’ve reported it and will cope for now.

The short of it is: If you have your keywords in order in Lightroom, uploading a bunch of pictures is one menu selection, one page load and three mouse clicks (exactly) away. That simply rocks. It leaves me to do the thing that I have to do, namely pick out the good pictures, develop them correctly, and assign keywords well. All things I have a good program for.

It’ll be a while before I get feedback on my photos, they’re apparently a bit overloaded, but I’ll let you know how it goes.


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