POTD 19/02 2010

“Flackmann’s Grocery #1”

POTD has been suspended for a while due to appendicitis, lack of good screen and my picture harddisk being out of commission (I now have 2 backups rather than none. I feel a little safer:). I’m now ready to take more pictures and show them off.

This one would have been better off with a shift lens. Unfortunately, I forgot to apply my idea of how to emulate a shift lens, so I had to apply some perspective correction.


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5 Responses to POTD 19/02 2010

  1. cassiopeja says:

    If my apartment sells with a profit I’m thinking of getting a wide angle lens.
    Something not too expensive but still good, so I’m considering the Tokina 11-16 mm/2,8. What do you think?
    The lenses I own are the rather crappy 18-55 mm kit lens (for Nikon) and the 50 mm 1.8 plus a very crappy 80-200 I got for 700 kr new (yep, that crappy!), so I’m thinking a 11-16 would go nicely with my other lenses and also work as a good “all around lens” and for indoor “party shots”. The 18-55 is not light sensitive enough for indoor and the 50 mm is usually too much zoom to be useful for an all around lens.

    • perial says:

      I’ve been lusting for the 11-16 myself. It opens up some interesting possibilities with selective focus in wide-angle. It does seem to have some problems with sample variation, so you should make sure to get it somewhere where you can return it for another sample if it’s not up to snuff. However, a good one is pretty damn good, according to photozone.de. Canon’s wide-angle can compete with it, but Nikon’s doesn’t seem to be quite as good. But barely. It’s one of those cases where you should probably try them out and see which ones you like best yourself.

    • perial says:

      Or wait and see if Sigma’s new 8-16 (!) is any good.

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