Old lenses

Took a trip into a local second-hand electronics store for a new CD player today (got a nice Denon, almost exactly the same as we broke after 20 years of service), and looked at a couple old lenses he had standing around while I was there. Nothing directly Canon-compatible, but some that could be interesting to adapt, or are just interesting:

Cosmicar Television zoom 22-66mm f/1.8 – apparently a C mount, made for 18mm video cameras, not big enough for EOS, but could work with Pentax K.

Dixi 135mm f/2.8 – not found on Google at all!

Mamiya/Sekor SX 55mm f/1.8 – M42 mount, so not useable for my tilt/shift ideas, but apparently quite good. May have to get this.

Danubia 500mm f/8 (72mm thread version) – T2 mount, supposedly good quality for the price. And it would be fun to have just for the sheer size of it (it’s loooong!)

Also, since I’m looking for a better flash:

Tumax 320 TFZ flash unit – uncertain voltage, and looks a little cheap. I’d better go for the Strobist special if I want to upgrade.

Unless I can find something interesting about the Dixi somewhere, I may spring for the Mamiya and Danubia. They are both mountable with a simple adapter.


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